Graphical Production

Virtual world with OLAR

We offer multiple services under our GPOD (Graphical Products On Demand) program. We offer video production service for advertisement and promotional purpose. Additionally, Studio shoot and post production program for training/educational purpose are available. We also have special packaged program for social media workers. 

We at OLAR will help you to create a comprehensive designs that would help you to optimize your marketing efforts across all the channels and which will automatically help you to boost your sales. It is crucial to businesses and other walks or life in varied ways.


Communication with one’s audience is essential in advertising and marketing. Many people are visual learners, which is why showing animated branding videos to them when they visit your website or exposed to unique branded content, helps develop a robust and deep connection with them. Each picture and graphics represent a story each story has its presence and power to attract audience. They can help to create an animation that provide real life experiences. They are carefully planned art and choreographed during pre- production. The designs provide unrealistic motion and eventually empower the designers or businesses to convert a story into a creative art.

Light Graphics

We at OLAR will help you to create graphics in accordance with your product brand and ideas. SMP is one of the most important considerations for realistic Brand awareness. The goal is to stimulate light sources and way that exists interacts with objects in the scene. It helps in illuminating and providing a symbolic dimension to the graphics. Graphics are the best means for communicating with the Audience. Images graphics increase value and maintain focus on branding. It highlights the important details of your business. Technology has ensured pursuits in lighting production have developed and became more advanced, compact, diverse and designed to tailor for specific genres.

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