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Olar is a B2B service provider operating in IT Production, Business Consulting and Graphical Production. Having the Business center in Noida, (India) OLAR covers multiple cities in India along with it’s business operation in Nepal and Canada. We are soon be starting our business operation in Germany. Unlike other organizations who search for a purpose, Olar was born with one: to change the world for the better. It’s there in our products, which started a revolution in Business consulting market that reverberates to this day. It’s felt by our people, who we invest in through every stage of their careers. And it’s proven by our philanthropy, which transforms lives around the world. Our Product Development Team is constantly working to bring revolution and change on table. 

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Through our In house production team we mange to serve our clients with on the mark solutions and tools. OLAR  offers Website services, Custom Software, Automation Tools, Server Based Services, Dashboard and Management Tools, Mobile App services, Telecom services, Payment Solutions etc.

We offer multiple services under our GPOD (Graphical Products On Demand) program. We offer video production service for advertisement and promotional purpose. Additionally, Studio shoot and post production program for training/educational purpose are available. We also have special packaged program for social media workers. 

We at OLAR will help you to create a comprehensive designs that would help you to optimize your marketing efforts across all the channels and which will automatically help you to boost your sales. It is crucial to businesses and other walks or life in varied ways.

In today’s competitive world ,every business needs to stand a part from the other, but many businesses struggle to implement new ways which could help them to prosper. We have a team of consultants who are specialized in business strategies, trends, methodologies so they analyze the situation and evaluate the business operations. We adhere to the best practices and provide opportunities for positioning business as a leader. It is a driving force or stimulator for the business whose guidance and support can help in preparing result oriented growth. 

We will assist you in your every operations and you can focus on your core business.


Olar was started in 2015 with an aim of building a platform that can provide objective based skilled programs. During it’s development we realized  the urgency of a fare and ethical business environment where one can operate with sustainable approach.

We created a community research center related to IT and Graphics where anyone who is interested to learn with us and add value to the program can participate. Any individual or a group can come and collaborate with us to develop products and work on future concept building.  


With continuous  trial and client feedback, we kept on adding new products in the list. Currently offering a list of 50+ products we have started our operation in multiple cities in India. We started our operation in Nepal and Canada from second quarter of 2020.

With the response and client trust, we are happy to announce that very soon we are starting our operation in Germany.

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Join Olar in this growing movement of businesses around the world that are able to bring an impact on cause and the market with our consultation and our solutions.

We nurture digital transformations for next-stage brands.

Olar helps you to diagnose your business and design a solution plan to increase your productivity. 
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At Olar we diagnose your business and accordingly make strategy to improve your productivity.


We at Olar makes a well designed plan of task flow to give you a better and clear understanding. Also, prepare in house design unit force to create all needed visual experience.

Social Media

We provide SMP service, Account handling, Ad campaigns, branding/engagement and lead generation


We trust data and stats, and thus we provide all reports and data information to our clients for their respective program.

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We at Olar always welcome people who seek to build a career with integrity and hard work.
If you think you are ready to learn and work. If you just want an opportunity to prove yourself, join us.