School/College Management System​

A complete Management System for your Educational Institute. Our software is an all-rounder. It helps in bridging the gaps within the administrating management and the teachers. It also is the bridge of communication between the parents and the students. It is one of the best software tools any school can have.

HR Parol

Let's Manage your Parol

We have brought the one stop HR solution for all kinds of businesses that help in the effective management of everything.

The comprehensive platform that we offer helps in the automation and management of the recruitment process at any organization by keeping everything on a  single platform. We are immensely happy to assist  corporates who have allowed us to run the software for them which they have been efficiently using for the recruitment process at their organization. We have such designed the software that addresses the complexities involved in the modern recruitment process. We offer solutions that are effective for recruiters of all kinds irrespective of the size of the organization.


Let's Manage your Sales

Organize the sales process of your organization, close more sales leads and create happy customers with our automated sales CRM. Its smart features use analytics and integrations to save your business time at all stages of your sales cycle.

Order Tracking Tool

Give your customer the option of order tracking.

Waiting for the order to get delivered to your address is one of the most irritating and impatient thing. It would be a great deal to offer your customers the option of knowing the exact status of their order. 


Office Management Tool in your Pocket

Lets manage our business from an app that fits in your android mobile letting you have the freedom to carry your office in your pocket.

Covering all the features like, Project Management, Task monitoring, Staff Management, HR Module, Leave and Salary Management, Sales and Lead Management, In-App Broadcast, Call, Message Options. Location Tracking, Client Management, Inventory Management, Accounts Management etc.