Service means quality to us! We realize the importance and worth of an intangible asset. We understand the value and emotions of the buyer. Thus we believe in delivering the best service keeping time factor and value factor at priority. 

We offer a multi domain service list to our clients to improve their business. We have a wide range of service list including graphical products, BPO services, IT solutions, Data management, B2B training support etc.

International Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2015

IT Production

Graphical Production

Business Consulting

B2B Training

IT Production

Let OLAR Manage your IT Solutions

Being organized and updated is key for any business in it’s success. In order to effectively run the operations and have control over resources and the quality delivery, IT solutions have marked it’s importance. 

Through our In house production team we mange to serve our clients with on the mark solutions and tools. OLAR  offers website services, Custom Software, Automation Tools, Server Based Services, Dashboard and Management Tools, Mobile App services, Telecom services, Payment Solutions etc.


Web Services

We at OLAR believe in custom service as per our client need, So we have range of options as per the business requirements. WordPress site, E-commerce site, coded sites, Service dashboard and Web Software to manage your operations.

Mobile Application Services

Operational tool in your hand gives you the control over management and helps in achieving efficiency in your work. OLAR gives you the option of having your own operational tool and mobile app. Alongside, we provide multiple app on subscription basis.

Telecom Services

Communication is a crucial aspect of any business in operating effectively. We at OLAR encompasses large services which includes Bulk SMS, Voice Service, IVR, international numbers, toll free numbers, virtual numbers, calling minutes and packages.

Graphical Production

Virtual world with OLAR

We offer multiple services under our GPOD (Graphical Products On Demand) program. We offer video production service for advertisement and promotional purpose. Additionally, Studio shoot and post production program for training/educational purpose are available. We also have special packaged program for social media workers. 

We at OLAR will help you to create a comprehensive designs that would help you to optimize your marketing efforts across all the channels and which will automatically help you to boost your sales. It is crucial to businesses and other walks or life in varied ways.


Communication with one’s audience is essential in advertising and marketing. Many people are visual learners, which is why showing animated branding videos to them when they visit your website or exposed to unique branded content, helps develop a robust and deep connection with them. Each picture and graphics represent a story each story has its presence and power to attract audience. They can help to create an animation that provide real life experiences. They are carefully planned art and choreographed during pre- production. The designs provide unrealistic motion and eventually empower the designers or businesses to convert a story into a creative art.

Light Graphics

We at OLAR will help you to create graphics in accordance with your product brand and ideas. SMP is one of the most important considerations for realistic Brand awareness. The goal is to stimulate light sources and way that exists interacts with objects in the scene. It helps in illuminating and providing a symbolic dimension to the graphics. Graphics are the best means for communicating with the Audience. Images graphics increase value and maintain focus on branding. It highlights the important details of your business. Technology has ensured pursuits in lighting production have developed and became more advanced, compact, diverse and designed to tailor for specific genres.

Business Consulting

Let's give shape to your idea

In today’s competitive world ,every business needs to stand a part from the other, but many businesses struggle to implement new ways which could help them to prosper. Business consultants are specialized in business strategies, trends, methodologies so they analyze the situation and evaluate the business operations which could help them to find deviations that may be holding back their success and then creating a roadmap for the business and thus contribute to the value of the business. Moreover if business and organizations find themselves confronted with challenges Or opportunities that requires the opinion and assistance then Consultants can furnish them with the insights and knowledge so that business can work upon that. They adhere to the best practices and provide opportunities for positioning business as a leader. It is a driving force or stimulator for the business whose guidance and support can help in preparing result oriented growth. Business consultants are very vital for any organization as without them whole system may under perform.

We will assist you in your every operations and you can focus on your core business.

B2B Training Program

Making the learning process a never ending one

In this contemporary era of ever evolving skill requirement for a market based service provider, there is a pertinent need to update the skill set of employees. This is of utmost need to catch the near future requirement and start preparing for the same. Sometimes even grown up businessmen lack the foresight to cope up with the challenges ahead or they miss the golden opportunity to switch the mode at right time. Many times a generalized service provider can forecast the periphery of market arena way better than specialized one of a particular domain. Our team, working in multidimensional spectrum, knows what are the new requirements that can enhance your capability manifold to bring out the best in the business.